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Harvey’s Garden – Winchester, Tennessee

Harvey’s Garden, was inspired by the late, Harvey Templeton, who had envisioned a beautiful garden sanctuary for the public to enjoy. Although Harvey wasn’t able to see his dream completed, his vision was carried on by his son, Handly Templeton and daughter in law, Becky Templeton.

 In 2003 the process began and on this 34 acre plot, just a mile or so from downtown, Winchester, TN, a garden sanctuary was erected as a tribute to Harvey.

 Today, I had the pleasure of strolling through the garden’s rock lined paths through the beautiful white blooming Bradford Pear trees and fuchsia colored Red Buds. The rows of Crepe Myrtles were patiently waiting their turn to bloom yielding to the sunny Daffodils which were springing to life.


What a beautiful tribute to spring, to honor the memory of a man who imagined a beautiful sanctuary in his mind’s eye.

Don’t miss the tranquil and ever-changing, Harvey’s Garden, in Winchester, Tennessee.

  Happy Easter to you and yours.