For the Love of Birds – Hummingbirds


2014-08-16 10.48.16Feeding wild birds is a real responsibility. Each year at this time when I begin to  prepare my hummingbird feeder I have to ask myself if I want the added responsibility of their care. Preparing their sugar water properly, in a way that will provide them with enough nourishment for their all consuming metabolisms, storing the syrup at the right temperature, bringing it back up to room temperature before refilling the feeder and finally washing the feeder well enough between their feedings, every three or four days, becomes a mundane process by summer’s end. If you are considering feeding hummers this year, please take the time to do so properly. It’s easy to unknowingly harm them if you’re not sure of how and what to feed them.  Their food can easily become rancid if left more than three or four days especially if the feeder gets a lot of sun. There’s a wealth of information about the proper care and feeding of hummingbirds on the web. Please take the time to learn the proper way.