Begin Again!

imageIn light of the world news lately my problems are pretty trivial, but to a blogger, even a relatively new one like me, starting all over again is overwhelming. Our recent relocation last year, and subsequent settling in, has kept both my husband and me very busy. Other than posting a recipe here and there, The Happy Cardinal, has taken a back seat to everything else. Today, in my effort to make some changes to the inner workings of this site, I managed to lose all the wonderful comments and supportive “Likes”, and “Sharing” stats from over two years on all but two of my submissions.  As trivial as that sounds (Agh!) it’s the only real gauge I have to see if the site is being read and or shared with others. I’m trying to work through it in hopes of regaining some of the lost data. Then I want to post some content about the many transitions we’ve experienced since our relocation to another state, and while making an old cottage our home, along with some photographs we’ve taken of the process. I welcome with open arms any support my friends want to offer, including, but not limited to, how to work with WordPress! Please stay tuned. Tomorrow, I begin again.