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Strength and Gratitude

Strength comes from many things. Strength can be physical and it can be internal. I believe that strength can also be spiritual. When someone’s faith is unwavering, especially through trying times, that would be an example of spiritual strength.

Gratitude, is something that may come more naturally for some people, while for others it may come later, often inspired by circumstances. I know that personally I am grateful when things in my life take an upward turn after a tough spell.

Today, I met a woman who possessed both strength and gratitude. She made such an impression on me that she inspired this essay.

While at the veterinary office with my pup, this woman was standing at the counter retrieving her pet. She was chatting in a way that halfway engaged not only the woman with whom she was speaking but also those of us nearby. She especially caught my attention when I heard her say that she had undergone chemotherapy in the past and that she was a cancer survivor. Looking up I suppose I expected her to appear more frail and was surprised that she wasnt what I expected. By then she had my full attention and when her eyes met mine my immediate response to her was, “Oh, I’m so sorry!” To that she replied, “Please don’t be. It’s the best thing that ever happened to me!” No doubt the look on my face caused her feel the need to  explain herself and she went on to say, “You can’t fight something you don’t know you have!”


“You can’t fight something you don’t know you have!”

My mind was thinking so many things. I had so many questions. Where does she get her strength and how can she be so grateful! Would I have this attitude if I had cancer? I couldn’t help but be inspired by her contagious spirit.

When the woman drove off I hated to see her go and I wished I had gotten her telephone number. I wanted to know this woman!

If I could speak with her again I would to thank her for sharing her story. I would like to tell her how much she inspired me with her attitude. I don’t always believe in accidents or happenstance encounters. I do believe that people are put into our path for a reason, whether it’s for a brief time or long term. I will be looking for this woman, and I hope that one day I’ll have the opportunity to thank her for the lessons she shared today. My lady of strength and gratitude.